Mission of the book:  To provide organizational success strategies for firsts and pioneers as well to their co-worker supporters and the organizations in which they all work.

The Black Quarterback Syndrome: How to Succeed as a First or Pioneer in an Organization

This management and co-workers handbook was inspired by the personal experiences of former Pro Bowl and first starting black quarterback in the National Football League, Marlin Briscoe.  Dr. Norm Davis wrote this book and coined the phrase and concept, The Black Quarterback Syndrome after he discovered that many of Briscoe’s development experiences in football were similar to the experiences of firsts and pioneers in corporate America.


Book abstract: The book is about the extra pressure many individuals face when they begin a new position and find they are “the first of a kind or a pioneer”. The realization that no one else like them in their organization has held the position before can contribute to additional stress beyond the routine stress one experiences in mastering a new position. This “how to” book provides guidance and success strategies for people who find themselves in this situation. Many of the strategies are derived from interviews with these pioneers and even their supporters, all from a variety of fields. Additionally, the book offers guidance and direction for co-workers and team members, who are stakeholders in the individual’s success, want them to succeed but are not sure what to do.