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Organizational & diversity consultant and author, Dr. Norm Davis provides job coaching strategies on what you don't read in the management books!  Learn how understanding The Black Quarterback Syndrome can help all employees and all organizations!    Learn what all employees should know, especially firsts, pioneers, minority group members, women and others in order to succeed in organizations.



Inspired to write my book by friend and Super Bowl Champion Marlin Briscoe.  Read my book and see the connection between Marlin Briscoe's pursuit to be leader and quarterback in professional football and corporate America.   Briscoe was the first starting black quarterback in  the National Football League and a member of the 1972 undefeated Super Bowl Champion, undefeated 17 & 0 Miami Doiphins.  Visit Briscoe's site and get an update on the planned movie about Marlin Briscoe's story as the first starting quarterback in the National Football League.

The Blackquarterback Syndrome -  A breakthrough book for succeeding at work and overcoming job challenges.  Learn success strategies for firsts, pioneers and all employees.  Understand the Blackquarterback Syndrome, how to be a good teammate and co-worker.  Good co-workers and teammates make successful organizations.  Learn how to succeed as a first or pioneer.  Learn how Jackie Robinson succeeded and Pee Wee Reese was a good co-worker.  Learn how women can succeed at work and in organizations.  Overcoming challenges leads to success for all teammates, the team and thus the whole organization.  Find out how being a black NFL quarterback and an organizational player are not so far apart... especially if you are a first, pioneer or a woman!